Bitsummit 2014 report

As I previously announced, Tabletop Pixel was attending Bitsummit 2014 (japanese indie game festival) in Kyoto. I had a booth (in fact a simple table :D ) shared with my friend Ahmin and his game Ekoro.

DSCN2261It was huge ! Not as much as the TGS of course, but still big.

It was the first time I was showing the stuff I’m doing to the public… and I hope not the last (GDC, TGS… you are in my line of sight for the following years!).

DSCN2255Our table in the morning, before doors open.

The main target of this event was for me to meet a lot of people, to exchange tips and ideas, to discover original games… and to go party in Kyoto’s streets by night with fellow developers and other indies actors! For all of this it was a “Mission Complete”.

On my table I was showing Super Puzzle Neo and Retroizer. I already knew that my family oriented puzzle game with Mucha as a representative was not going to attract public’s eyes as much a manic shooter with big pixels can, and it was obviously the case, but not as bad as I was expecting: a lot of people still stopped by, tried the game, asked questions and even sometimes stayed for long play sessions.

A10Public was there!

I was delighted to (in random order) meet for the first time Mark from Von Flex, Nicolas from 1001 Pixels, Nicolas from Tsugi, Christa, to see my friends from Gangs of Space winning the Game Design Award, to discuss with Vincent from Waku Waku, to discover a small Filipino’s indie group who makes great titles like the very promising political simulation El Kapitolyo, to jump on Chipzel‘s (Super Hexagon music composer) live beat, to discover the games Galak-Z and Nova-111, and much much more…

Can’t wait until next year’s edition now!

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