Tabletop Pixel website is up!

Finally, it’s alive!

After so much time spent finding a cool name, getting the logo done, designing and coding the website, Tabletop Pixel is now standing on its feet!

For the logo I used the most famous graphic contest service: 99designs. Previously I didn’t know that this concept was so popular, there are so many websites of this kind around (see for example this top 10) and it’s really useful: for a pretty decent fee you get more than a hundred of design proposals! Of course, some are so-so, but there are also a bunch of really wonderful ones. If you want to see what the logo could have looked like, you can still browse the contest page.

About the website, I was thinking about WordPress because I already had several experiences with it, but I was not sure the whole website should be based on it, or if it should be just a brick in a more complex system. But after browsing multiple game studios’ websites, I found that a lot were entirely based on WP, so I thought it was not a so bad solution. Then came 24 hours of horror: I tried to find a template whose design was more or less what I had in mind + easy to understand and to customize, but I could not find any! Even when I was able to find one that was kind of matching my design hopes, the code was complex as hell! But then my research led me to HTML5 Blank WordPress Theme. This theme just made my week. It’s the best simplest-white-empty-minimal WordPress template ever! With a lot of comments everywhere, easy to understand, easy to manipulate, easy to customize… This theme is like clay ready to shape and is a real pleasure to sculpt! So if anybody wants to understand how WordPress is working, this is the best start point!

Now what? I still have to set up the official page on social networks (links will appear soon on the top-right corner), to take care of the business cards and then I will be able at last, TO COOOOODDEEEEEE again :D !!!

The first app that is going to emerge is “Super Puzzle Neo”, see the home page for slightly more information, more will come in future posts.